Van Tuning - We are well know throughout the UK for our van tuning, particularly the VW Transporter, VW Caddy and the Transit Custom. 

VW Transporter - 

T5.1 Rolling Road Stage 1

The T5 comes with two different engines, the 1.9PD and the 2.5PD.  The 1.9 Models are mechanically identical other than the engine software, these tune to approx 135-145bhp, 320-340nm.  The 2.5 engine comes in either 130bhp or 174bhp format, the 130bhp achieves approx 170-178bhp, 390-420nm.  The 174bhp achieves approx 200-210bhp, 470-490nm.   Stage 1 Tuning of these on the rolling road costs £325.

The T5.1 comes with a 2.0 common rail diesel (CR) engine with 5 different power outputs, 84, 102, 115, 140 and 180bhp formats.  The 84, 102 and 115bhp models are all mechanically identical, these all run a 5 speed manual gearbox which will cope with 360nm of torque provided its delivered in a smooth and progressive manor.  We have tuned hundreds of these on our rolling road with typical results of 165-172bhp, 340-360nm.  

The 140 and 180bhp formats either run a 6 speed manual gearbox or a DSG Auto box,  The 140 achieves approx 175-180bhp, 420-440nm whereas the 180 variant achieves 205-210 bhp, 440-460nm.  

Stage 1 rolling road tuning of these costs £345.00.

Transit Custom

Transit Custom Rolling Road

The Transit Custom comes with two different engines depending on year, the 2.2D (Euro 5) and the 2.0D (Euro 6).  All of the Euro 5 2.2D engines are mechanically identical, they share the same engine, turbo, injectors and gearbox yet come in three different power levels, 100bhp, 125bhp and 155bhp.  All of these Euro 5 engines tune to approx 180-188bhp, 440-460nm.

The Euro 6 engines come in 3 different power versions, 105, 130 and 170bhp, these are a similar story to the Euro 5 sharing all of the same mechanicals.  The Euro 6 engines tune to approx 200-210bhp, 470-490nm.

Stage 1 rolling road tuning of the Euro 5 costs £325.00, the Euro 6 costs £345.00 

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