Our high tech modern four wheel drive rolling road is located at our workshop, we use the VTech dynamometer that was designed by tuners, for tuners.  The rolling road incorporates some unique features such as full data logging, this feature allows us to plot all current data and PID points on to your rolling road chart to assist with the tuning. 

As part of our rolling road tuning services you are presented with an HD Dyno chart print out.  We always include the wheel power, flywheel power, losses and torque proving the accuracy of the runs.  Unlike many rolling roads our actually measures the transmission losses rather than calculating them to give you a accurate flywheel horse power figure.  

Our 4x4 dyno has mechanical synchronisation of front and rear axles, which gives the possibility for measuring the most modern cars, equipped with active traction control systems and will not cause damage to modern 4x4 systems such as BMW's XDrive. 

Vtech 4x4 Dyno


  • Standalone power runs (up to five runs) - £85 (2wd) - £110 (4wd)
  • Club dyno days (minimum eight cars) - From £50 per car
  • Rolling road tuning - From £325
  • Rolling road hire - POA - Many parts manufactures have used our rolling road for R&D purposes due to the extensive logging data we can provide.  

435d Xdrive dynoBMW M2 DynoBMW F10 530d Dyno

Vauxhall Insignia Dyno

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