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  • Experience - With ten years of on the ground tuning we have both seen it and done it.
  • Honesty -      We don't make silly claims regarding power or mpg, we offer sound advice.
  • Exclusivity -  Very few can match our proven results across such a wide array of vehicles with such in depth knowledge.
  • Equipment -  If there is a relevant, reliable tool for the job we have it. 

Now the question you have probably asked yourself is why would I choose Performance Remap LTD when there are plenty of other cheaper tuners out there right?  The answers are below:-

There are three main types of engine remappers in existence and we shall explain them below

Major specialist tuning houses (Approx 5% of the market)

Examples of these are Peron, Pumaspeed, Revo etc.  These only generally tune a specific brand or limited models within a few brands. 

Slave tuners (Approx 90% of the market)

You may have noticed that almost anyone can purchase a slave remapping tool for a relatively low cost, these slave tools have to be linked to one master to whom they have to buy there tuning files from.  Many master tuners ask for no experience whatsoever to take you on as a slave tuner as their interests lie with lining their pockets, this is where things start to go wrong.  Worryingly many slave tuners have no in depth mechanical knowledge, are often uninsured and unregistered companies.

Being linked to one master that you have to buy maps in from is not great either, one, two or a few people from one company can not have created dyno ready quality maps for all vehicles that live up to the test, believe us we have had hundreds on the rolling road.

Why do slave tuners exist?  Cost!  A typical slave tuning tool will cost a quarter of the master version.

Other Tuners (Approx 5% of the market) 

This is where we fit in, we have the following master tuning tools:-

EVC LicenseAutotuner, Alientech Kess V2, Alientech Ktag, Alientech Powergate, Dimsport Genius, CMD Flash, Winols, Swiftec and ECM Titanium.  We also have many main dealer level diagnostic tools, our incredible rolling road and ten years experience tuning vehicles.  A copy of our WinOLS licence is here <. 

We are proud to be working with some of the best tuners in specific fields for certain engines and also assisting other tuners with vehicles that we are specialist in. 

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